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Hyperlinks with target=”_blank” inside SharePoint 2013 ClientWebPart blocked in Chrome

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Recently I have been playing a bit with the new SharePoint 2013 App model. I was using the new Napa tools to develop a little App that could be be hosted in an App Part, also known as ClientWebPart, which is essentially an iframe which loads your App.

My App consisted of an ASPX page with a bunch of hyperlinks with target=”_blank” on them. I noticed that when the ASPX page was loaded by the ClientWebPart in its iframe, the hyperlinks wouldn’t work at all in Chrome (Firefox and IE were fine!). I started inspecting the DOM and noticed a “sandbox” attribute on the iframe element.

The sandbox attribute rendered on the ClientWebPart iframe contains the following four options:

  • allow-forms
  • allow-scripts
  • allow-same-origin
  • allow-top-navigation

After a bit of research, I found that adding the “allow-popups” option unblocks the hyperlinks.

I would say that this is a bug in the ClientWebPart, as Chrome appears to be the only browser affected. Let’s hope this will be fixed soon! In the meantime, consider using target=”_top” as an alternative, as this does work.

Written by jvossers

August 28, 2012 at 5:03 pm

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